Michigan Chapter Social Worker & Family Services Coordinator       

Stephanie Forbes
Email: sforbes@hdsa.org
Phone: (989) 948-2089

The Michigan Chapter offers support group meetings around Michigan. Some other ways we can help you and your family include:

* Provide an informational presentation for caregivers in adult foster care or nursing home settings

* Advocate for appropriate services for the affected persons

* Help locate an experienced doctor or neurologist

* Help find local resources for respite, placement, or in-home help

* Help connect family with other resources in their communities, and throughout the state and country

* Help coordinate communications between service providers and family members

* Help the family cope with HD as a group

* Provide information and guidance for caregivers, helping manage and reduce stress

* Assist in locating or developing ideas for speakers at support groups

For Chapter support, Stephanie Forbes  can be reached by phone on the Michigan Chapter Helpline (1-800-909-0073), or by emailing her at (sforbes@hdsa.org).  We encourage you to contact Stephanie if you feel these services could be helpful.