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  • MDCH: Michigan Genetic Counseling Services
  • Counseling Services - Michigan
What is expected of me before and during a genetics visit? • Collect and share information about your family and health history • Try to obtain medical records on ...
  • U of M- Huntington’s Disease Genetic Test
  • Huntington's Disease Genetic Test | Michigan Medicine
What Is the Test? If you have a family member who has Huntington's disease, their blood usually is tested first to identify the changed gene that might run in your ...
  • HDSA Genetic Testing/Family Planning/Prenatal Testing
  • Genetic Testing & Family Planning / Prenatal Testing
Huntington’s disease is a family disease. Though everyone is born with the huntingtin gene, the disease is caused by an abnormal copy of the gene that is passed ...
  • HDSA Genetic Testing Protocol
  • Genetic testing for Huntington’s Disease
GENETIC TESTING PROTOCOL FOR HUNTINGTON’S DISEASE You can obtain a copy of the ^Genetic Testing Protocol for Huntingtons Disease by emailing HDSA at hdsainfo@hdsa ...
  • HD Free with PGD
Planning an HD-free family with IVF/PGD: Yes, you can stop Huntington's Disease in the future generations of your family! With the help of skilled medical ...
  • Nationwide Reproductive Genetics Institute
  • Stanford Hopes Family Planning
Family Planning The decision to have a family comes with a great deal of responsibility, and many important choices. For people with Huntington’s disease (HD), one ...
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